Here i am again,wondering if its okay.cant stop this troubled heart cause our hearts are apart,miles away from each other.Ooh my baby i picture you and i walking in a mall holding hands.I turn back to look at my life,i see a child wearing school uniform and i started imagining you.I was confused at first but not now.I have thought and thought until my brain stop generating.i could not eat,sleep let alone share my thoughts with other people.Remembering the day i sat in a doctors room,why am i here i asked myself,then i began answering myself at the very same time.This all started by letting a guy controll my life,By being negletive to reality.He dicided what was wrong and right for me,he told me where to and where not to.And i believe he dicided that it is time to have a baby now.Confused,not knowing what to do and who to tell,considered abortion ad commiting suicide but still my inner part told me to re -think every thing thoroughly.As a politician i know that teenage pregnancy is  a very judgementical issue,but still am i doing it for people.February 14 i chose my sentence.the reoson i call it a sentence is because i knew that whatever decision i came up with  had to live in me for the rest of my life.I chose to be a mother and not just any mother but i chose to be a teenage mother.February 16 i started telling my friends,who in turn judged,laughed and talked behind my back.Onother day passed still crying of this baby that was iside me,i dicided to tell my teacher,WOW how lucky am i to get a very understanding person.She calmed me down and she was always on my side untill when i told my mother.”WHAT”were the words she said before sobbing,lucky i had someone on my side who made the path a little more easier for me.Today here am i no longer confused but with a family that is looking forward to a niece,naphew,granddaughter,and daughter.Therefore i am no longer confused as i now have a solution.Not so easy as one will think it is.I love my unborn baby girl