I'm 15 years old. I found out i am 5-6 weeks pregnant 3 months before my 16th birthday. I have no feelings for the father. Honestly, i was never that into him. It was a one night thing. I had just been kicked out of my house when i found out. I live with my granparents. I already have problems in school, lots of them. I got through the step of telling my family. My mom says she can help me with money, food, and shelter. She started to be really supportive. I had hope, and i really want to keep this baby. I don't agree with abortion, and i could never hand my baby over to another family. I just can't. My family starts telling me i have the "choice" to get rid of this baby. My parents think they will raise it for the rest of their life. And they say if it comes out handicapped …. it would take all their time and money they ever have to offer. If i had the baby, i would be at home all day taking care of it .. sun up to sun down. I'm okay witht that, i just want to give it life. I still don't know what is right. Is it selfish of me to have this baby?