I found out i was pregnant 2 weeks ago and thought that abortion was the only option… until i found this site. now i dont know what i should do. iv always been against abortion but i guess its different when your actually put in the situation. i have a totally supportive boyfriend who said will stand by me all the way no matter what decision i make but iv only been with the guy for 3 months. we&# 39;re in a difficult situation as my boyfriend is muslim and if his family found out they would blow a fuse.
      Now i need to make a decision about what i want to do and i need to do it quick i have my first consultation at the hospital on friday. since finding this site and reading some of the stories it has become clear that theres an awful lot of concequences that come with an abortion and i dont think im goin to be able to handle them emotionlly. i havent told my family that i am pregnant only my boyfriend and a close friend know about it. i now know that im going the wrong way about this and need tell the people closest to me maybe it wont seem as hard if i know that i have the support of my family.