Well i just found out that i am pregnant an i really didnt have a reaction at first considering who i was pregnant by. This is my story. i am a college student an i was havin a good time here up until the begining of this year it all started wit me finding out that my roommate/friend had been stealing money out of my account $1405 to b exact over a period of a month. I should of sent her to jail

or even beat her up but i had another idea in mind. well wen she finally admitted she stole the money after being threatened 11 felony charges she picked up an moved out witout tellin anyone not even her boyfriend which she left here. To make a long story short i took matters in my own hands an decided 2 sleep wit him as a little taste of revenge. It was suppose to b a one time thing but some how i started falling for him an he told me the same thing an we became “boy/girlfriend” After she found out we were 2gether she did everything possible 2 cause me drama an he was acting as if he wanted her back Soon after the girl got him but in jail an 3weeks later i find out im pregnant.


It was hard tellin my ex who i was still tryin 2 get back wit that i was pregnant an he took it real bad he even called my parents an but it on facebook but i cant get mad at him i broke his heart so many times but i still love him an want 2 b wit him. my Parents dont want me 2 keep it dey say it will ruin my life an im not ready for the responsibilties. But i cant get an abortion i already had one b4 wit my x and i always think about it i use 2 try 2 get pregnant just 2 somehow erase the mistake wit the first one. I told the baby daddy i was pregnant an he wants me 2 keep it but he is in jail an i know he is still in love wit her wut am i 2 do. And plus i really miss my x rite an he will never speak 2 me if i have dis baby!! Its a crazy situation an i just dont know wuts best cuz the dad want b there he is in jail for who knows how long an my parents will cut me off an i will probably have 2 drop out of skool i feel like my life is over!!! Wut do i do?