My sister is 16 years old and we just found out she is ten weeks pregnant. When she told me she was pregnant i asked her what she wanted to do and she said she wants an abortion and having a baby will ruin her life. The father of her child id her boyfriend of about one year, and he took her to planned parenthood to get another pregnancy test. When it came back positive they talked to someone and said they want to have an abortion. She is going to court to get a judicial bypass so she can have an abortion without my mom knowing. when she told me this i told her you need to look at all you options and make sure this is the right decision for you and that she should talk to my mom and not do it behind her back cause you need her more than ever right now. Well she refused to tell my mom so i told my mom and she wasn't mad. She wanted to help my sister. Well the past 2 days we have been talking to her about all of her options and she has been thinking about keeping the baby. But her boyfriend is threatening to leave her and have nothing to do with her or her baby if she keeps it. She keeps going back and fourth on what to do. I know she loves him and wants to do whats best but i'm scared that she is going to think to much about what everyone else wants her to do rather than doing what is right for her and i really don't think she wants an abortion and i'm terrified she will go through with it and that he will end up leaving her and then she will regret her decision and have her heart broke give me some advice pleaseee