About 3 months ago now, i hadn’t had a period for 2 months. Me & my boyfriend really beleived i was pregnant as i had symptoms, because we had talked about what we was going to do I had drilled it into my head that there was no doubt and i was 100% pregnant. We did a pregnancy test before i came on my period and it said “negative” I was absoloutely devastated. I had beleived so much that i was pregnant then when it said i wasnt i was heartbroken. Its been about a month on since this happened and i am still not over it. I dont mention it to my boyfriend because obviously hes copped with it just fine but i havent. I have recently been put on anti depressants for other reasons and i was thinking i wonder if thats why i wasnt pregnant? Im not 100% sure and would love to hear if anybody does know about these things. Also with whats happened ive found myself more depressed than i was before, ive been really paranoid saying that “Im never going to be able to have children” as similiar situations have happened before.

Im really confused and would appreciate any advise.


Thank you


Becki xx