I am new to this website and first things first: my fiance and I are having a baby. We are scared but excited at the same time. I am just over whelmed because of the different emotions I am experiencing and I hate getting mad at Chris, my fiance, for little things (sometimes nothing at all). We found out that I was pregnant September 10th. That was a rough day to fin out because my older brother was going through some complications with his ex-girlfriend, whom also had a son, and my mom was/is putting pressure on the two of us. After over a month later, I still haven’t came to terms to tell her. When I was about to after spending the weekend with my older sister, she had found out that she was pregnant also. She immediately told our mother which also caused some stress. Once again, my mother expected the best out of me and I just almost started crying, breaking down. I am keeping this secret away from my sister because she had had a miscarriage last October and I feel as if she would hate me and be mad at me if she ever knew. My step brother’s girl friend is pregnant and it took Allie, my sister, almost five months to be okay with it. I know I need the proper care. Chris’ friend had found a place in a nearby town called Heart Beat that is a completely confidential place and offers most everything for free. If I attend meetings, I will be able to receive baby clothes, maternity clothes, and even a free car seat or crib. I have no idea how to break it to my mother or step father, but Chris and I agreed to try and put it off as long as possible.