my name is alexa and i'm fourteen years old. 

i met a boy named stephen in february of 2008, and i fell in love with him immediately. so in love that i wanted to lose my virginity to him! inside my heart, deep, deep down…i wanted a child with him. 

all i thought about was the cute little chubby face and the fun time we'd spend together with our baby and i thought he'd become so much closer to me and we'd be like our own little family.

so….i had sex with him without any sort of protection and now i'm PREGNANT.


but now, i don't want to be pregnant anymore. i think about if he leaves me and i'm only FOURTEEN! i just began high school and i'm not ready for a little baby to have to feed, take care of, etc. 


i told my mom and his mom. we went to the doctors today. my mom is against abortion and will not let me have one no matter what. so my boyfriend wanted me to get an abortion, he's only fifteen by the way.


anyways, we decided on adoption. i'm really skinny so i don't think anyone will be able to tell.

what do you think? please give me your suggestions!