I was once clicking the site as it is advertised by google. Saw the posts and reading some stories that I have not been going through but almost all the feelings they feel, I am feeling right now and right before I had the same stories.

That is why I am signing up and linking up my own blog for desperate feelings here in standupgirl.com. As a loner, a writer, I always tend to be alone. I do not like talking to my friends what has been happening in me.

I am just so happy to meet you guys here in standupgirl.com, it's just like I already have group of friends beside me, oh no, right in front of me since I am in front of a computer (lol).

Hope to hear more from you guys soon and I will be telling you my whole story on my next post.

Nice to meet you, guys especially Becky for having this site. This is such a big help.