It has been 4 days since my abortion and I think I may be doing better….. I have started to see someone I can talk to about everything I am feeling…. I have also found out that one of my closest friends had an abortion done a few months ago, making her another person I can talk to about things… She has given me some great advise which is really working…. I had to go back on my medications due to doing things to myself, but once again I have a friend to talk to now….Im still not getting to much sleep, the pictures are still haunting me like you wouldnt believe…. I have also found out that my church has a group for woman who have gone through the samething…. I still wish I could turn back time and change everything…. I regret my decission and it makes my day so much hard to go through…. I keep asking myself the famous “what if” question…. Like “what if I had the baby would it have made my life better, or did I do the right thing.”  I hope there will be some day soon that I can have peacefull day to relax…. I really need it soon, before I drive myself crazy…. I have my daughter for the weekend, which I hoping it will help with my mod a little….  But I am absolutly doing better….