Tim and I ended up moving to Ohio, to live with his parents and to have a fresh start at a new life together. It's a lot cheaper to live in OH than to live in MD so there were a lot of pluses. But I had to change so much. I still had one more year of school left and I didn't want to start over, pregnant in another school. So I started doing online schooling and thats going very very well .
Tim got a new job in a heartbeat, but me.. not so much. I didnt really apply too many places because I really didn't think anyone would hire me this late in the pregnancy. But im still trying, for my new family's sake.
At the moment, Im so happy that everything is turning out so wonderful.. I just keep thinking that this can't be MY life, that something has to go wrong for it to be. I have great in-laws and my parents are now supportive and cant wait for the new addition. (except for my real dad) Even his mother is supportive!!!
I am now 17, and 30weeks pregnant and loving every minute of it. I cant wait until I finally get to meet him. So theres my story.. just know that there really are such things as happy endings. If something happens.. its meant to happen. Like fate in a way.. If you're good at heart.. trust me, you'll end up happy in the end.