We got married! But that wasn't easy. You see, theres two ways we could do that. Since I was 16, In the state of MD you can get married with your parents consent OR if you have a proof of pregnancy. My parents wouldn't sign, so we went to the clinic to get a proof and gave it to the courthouse. But they said it had to be from an actual doctor. We had waited until April 24th, my mothers birthday, to get married and that day I moved out and with my new husband. Thats when my biological father found out. (I told my mother not to tell him until I wasn't under his custody anymore.) So that night he calls me and says hes going to burn the house down and make me get a divorce, then an abortion. He never showed up, and never called me again, or even since.
During the months Tim and I lived together, my mother and I actually got closer. Since we weren't near each other all the time, we didnt fight as much and it actually helped the situation. My grandmother even held a baby shower for me in August(2 days before my birthday lol) and we got so much great stuff.
But thats not the end.. More changes