I didn't know how exactly to tell them, so I wanted to wait until the right moment. Tim told his mother right away and she was so excited. I remember thinking that I wish my parents would be like his, because I knew they wouldn't have the same reaction.
So one day, Tim and I went out and had drove across the bay bridge to see his uncle about a few things. As we were heading back, Tims grandpop called my cell phone and told me to call my mom asap and didnt give any details. I was really freaked out by this because she had never spoke to his grandpop before and I was wondering how and why he was telling me to call her. She hadn't even called me or anything so I didnt think anything was wrong. So I call her and shes crying and telling me to get home right away and im still wondering whats up.. But down in my gut I knew as soon as the cop took the phone it was about my pregnancy. I had told my sister and I thought she'd told on me. So when we get there I just told myself, dont cry. Just dont cry, or it'll make everything worse. But as soon as I got out of the car, It all slammed down on me and I started bawling.
The cops talked to us first and said that we weren't in any trouble or anything but I still cried, and even harder every second. I ran inside to see my mom and immediately started yelling "Why did you call the cops!?" She couldn't even answer that. She just showed me the bag of the prenatal vitamins that the clinic gave me and I started crying even harder.
When I finally started to stop, the cops came inside and started asking questions  like "Where were you?"   "Why didn't you call your mom?"  and I was still confused. I had told her where I was going and when I was going to be back and I was an hour early getting home.
My mother had lied to the cops, saying that I was late and she didn't know where I was and had called me a million times, but I didn't answer. So I told them that she knew where I was and that she'd never even called me. They looked at my phone and even saw there was no missed calls. So the tables turned and they started yelling at my parents! Saying that they could be punnished for lying to the police and everything.. So eventually they left. I went to work, having this huge weight on my shoulders now. I could barely get through the day without tearing up, but my boss had left and I couldn't leave early.
It just got worse with my parents from there. I thought they'd be supportive, but all they did was yell at Tim and I. Wondering what we were thinking about doing. But we already had a plan in mind and weren't worried about telling them.
A few weeks later…