I am a 26 year old single Mother of Twin Boys. 7 years old. I have been in a relationship for 3 years and found myself happy. We have discussed marriage and children and also concerns of " what if we had gotten pregnant prematurely?" We as a couple have had alot of the same concerns and agreed or so i thought we agreed on our feelings. We have recently discovered we were pregnant. Unplanned , Unwed, and now confusingly Unhappy. I know a child is a blessing. I have 2. 2 Miracles i should say, because i and my twins had gone through quite an ordeal when they were born. But i dont understand, after having so much discussion, why me and my partner are now so distant from each other. I want to be happy even though this was unplanned, but his reactions to this pregnancy are leaving me unsure about the security of our future. He "says' he is there for me, but i feel so disconnected from him. He has major concerns as do I. We are not living with one another, and we live about 45 mins. away from each other. He has a 9 yr old son. And he is also concerned about his situation with his son and how its going to pan out. bur what i keep trying to tell him is that we are a couple, and we can continue to be such, i understand that we are going to have a struggle ahead of us, but im willing to work at it together. But he just isnt connecting with me. Now as i said i am a single mother of TWINS. i know what its like to raise children on your own and i am absolutely not up to that challenge again. I dont want to go through the trauma again, and of course dont want to put my child through it again either. So i feel that if we are not connecting, and i am going to to this on my own once again, i feel like abortion might be my option. I am hurt and scared and confused. Hurt becaus this is becoming an option for me, scared because of the pain i will go through and the guilt. And confused because i thought we were destined for happiness, and all i see is gray clouds ahead. I need some advice on how i should handle him and letting him know that i am going through this too, its not just him. I need support.