hello. i go by the name michelle. iam 15. and from a small town where everybody knows everybody. i’ve been dating a guy now for about 6 months and i really like him. well about a month ago, we were together, we had sex. i dont regret it. we used protection. but the condom busted. now. iam 5 weeks pregnant. its hard. iam always sick. i never want to eat bekuz i know iam going to be sick. the worst

part of this is that his mom thinks were playing about me being pregnant. and iam scared to tell my mother. my boyfriend is only 16. were both young, and not ready for kids. he wants me to get an abortion. but i know i will regret it. i mean its OUR baby. something that can never be replaced. ughh. iam stuck in a big situation. and i would really appreciate some advice. thanks ALOT!