Dear Stand up Girl readers…

My storie is mostly different from most of yours out there but i still want to share it with all the stressed girls out there.

I am 22 years old, the love of my life and i have been together for more than 6 years now. About 4 years ago i fell pregnant, i knew my life would change dramaticly, luckily my boyfriend stood by me whatever desicion i chose to make.

First i thaught that i'm 18, still in matric and i have been accepted into university, i can't have this child, not now. Abortion was an option as i was living with my dad who would never approve to let me keep the child. About two weeks later i was at school and i suddnly felt a pain i could't describe, and i immediatly knew that something was wrong. That was the day i had a miscarrige, due to stress (was the doctor's words).

I thaught this has all worked out perfectly, i dont have to go through with the abortion and i can go on living my live the way i always planned on doing but i was making a big mistake. Well here i am 4 years later living with even more pain in my heart than the pain i felt the day i lost my baby.

Me and my boyfriend, now my fiance moved in together right after i matriculated, i have a great job, i'm studying for my second degree but there is only one problem. My fiance and i have decided to have a baby, but after more than a year we have had no luck.

I keep thinking to myself that what would have happened if i have came out in the open with my pregnancy 4 years ago and i had not lost my baby? I find my self longing for a child of my own even more every day and then i read of girls who fall pregnant and  dont want the child not thinking that there is a reason they fell pregnant at the time they did, they will never know if they will have the chance again to become a parent and i think to myself why can't it be me that is pregnant instead of someone whom doesn't want the child as much as i do at the moment?

Girls I ask of you think carefully before making the same mistake that i did. Every child is a gift from God and He has a plan for every one of those children, dont take away an innocent life because at some point you will live to regret that decision.

Yours truely