I think I'm about 5 weeks pregnant. The condom broke about a week after my last period… I'm supposed to take the test in 2 days with my boyfriend. But now I'm feeling pretty sure that I am pregnant. My breast have been swollen, I've been feeling sickly, and my period is late. My boyfriend and I have talked about what we're going to do alot in the past month if I am. I know that he wants to me to have an abortion cause he "doesn't want to see me go through that" and "doesn't think he could give the baby up for adopting once I've had it" but we both know we are too young I'm newly 16 and he's about to be 17.. But I want this baby. Even if it means my life is 300 times harder. I would have never wanted to be put in this situation but now that I am.. I know that I want to keep it. I'm just scared I'm gonna be on my own if I do keep him or her. I have a semi-hard home life so I don't think I'll have support from them, and my boyfriend obviously doesn't want it. I just don't know what to do. If I keep the baby I'm scared I'm gonna loose the love of my life. We still talk about getting married someday and having a family, but he continuously reminds me that he's not ready for this baby, and doens't want me to have this baby. I really need help. How do I tell him how I feel?