Hi um I havent done anything since january…always used proteciton but i kno sometimes you think you cant but do…I missed my period last month and have a wird one at the moment.  nausea, cant eat much, pants have been getting smaller?, I'm not losing weight from not eating becasue I'm either too sic to eat or just plain not hungry,  have had trouble sleepiong   tiered a lot ,  seem to need a size up from my regular bras   ,   stomach pain heartburn,  constapation,   I took some medicine two days ago and my stomach feels all weird bunch of moving and stuff makes me feel even sicker!  hopeing its jsut bowel movements and cramps but its not the first time in the last few much have felt this way.    I've heared that wemon can be on thier period thorughout pregnancy….shoulod I go to the health clinic and have a medical person check me out…I took a test but found out  your only suppoosted to leave it in the cup fvie seconds…not the entire two minutes~~@!!  should have read the danged instructions!