October 17, 2009 was so unforgettable to me. I will never forget this day.
Early in that morning I went walking outside our house because before that night I went on bleeding. My mom was excited so she let me walk outside. I ate breakfast early and take my bath. By 10 o’clock in the morning exactly after my bath I felt pain in my abdomen. I told my mom about it and they rush me in the hospital. I kept on praying in the emergency room and the doctor did I.E. to me and it was about 6 cm. They put I.V. to me and they lead me to the Delivery room. By 11 o’clock my doctor went to the delivery room and let me get my urine sample. And she did I.E. to me again and it was 8 cm. She popped my bag of water and she let me lying in the bed for about 12 noon. Then the delivery starts. I felt pain and for acout 23 minutes the baby went out. I cried because I saw her beautiful eyes looking at me and I was very happy. Tears of joy went out my eyes. After 1 day i went out the hospital and she went out after 2 days. I could not believe that I had a beautiful girl..♥