k so im expecting my son december 5th. i’ve looked through about every breastfeeding advice listing there is. all i’ve noticed is that is talks about how to, and why you should. i know that it’s much healthier for my son, but im afraid it might hurt, or just feel a bit wierd.. breastfeeding him would be alot cheaper as well. how much does formula cost a month for a newborn, cuz im sure they go through alot sometimes. & i’ve heard that when your milk comes in that it hurt to lay on ur back, even touching your breasts will make you want to cry.. will this affect breastfeeding him if i decide to? i think im more afraid of pain and sensitivity then anything. i know alot of people breastfeed, if there is any suggestions, advice, comments, would you mind helping me out a bit, and letting me know more about it besides the fact that its healthier for the baby. i want to know what affect it will have on me.