So finding out I was pregnant was scary enough but the thought of sharing the news with family… Now that had me shaking in my boots! I decided the first thing to do was tell my mum seeing how I’m covered under her work insurance… But I was scared… I didn’t know how to tell her, neither did my boyfriend… So I mustered up a the courage I could and txt her seeing how she works nights I thought she would be at work.. So I just said for her to call me when she got the chance that gave me time to think of what to say… But less then a minute later my mum was calling! Well that gave me no time at all to think of what to say so all I said was “uhh I think I’m pregnant…” expecting her to freak out and totally shut me down… To my surprise she was excited! She asked me if I was going to keep it and from the very moment I found out I decided to keep it so I told her Ofcorse I was keeping it. Then she went on to talk about how excited she is and how spoiled my baby will be and she has already started planning trips to grandmas house when the baby arrives! Now she is going with my boyfriend and I to the first appointment! I am soo blessed to have such a wonderful man by my side and my mothers support during this chapter of my life! Now I just have to find a way to tell everyone else! I hope it goes just as well!