I am 14 and I got pregnant at this young age. I’m so happy because I will have a baby, but the problem about it the father of my baby would not stand up his obligation to be the father of my baby. I’m lucky because my family accepted the fact about me. Me and my ex-boyfriend did not last that long, we’ve just been for 2 months and I got pregnant without knowing it. By the time me and

my mom have a check up because my menstrual period is not regular they reccomended to have an ultrasound that time, that’s when my mom knew that I got pregnant. without knowing it that I was six months pregnant. Before without knewing it I talked to my ex-boyfriend about it and he told me that he’ll stand his obligation. But he made me believe about it and he did not did his obligation. He just left us without saying anything and not communicating. I always cry every night if what would I do to have a revenge.