Its still early on in the pregnancy but we are nearing the end of the first trimester! I'm still not eating that much, but we are praying that my apetite comes back!

Jerico and I are always talking about how it would be as parents, and how our child would be. We were making fun that we surely will have a very 'different' ; family. If you mix Jerico and my character and if you know us very well then you surely can imagine what an energetic/open and crazy baby we would have.

This pregnancy is such a blessing to us. Was just thinking how blessed we truly are. He first blessed us with our marriage and now with this pregnancy.

We can tell now, that once the baby is here, he/she will be truly blessed. Parenting is very hard, but he/she will truly be surrounded with love and surely it will feel loved! Sometimes I watch how Jerico holds a baby and I can really imagine how he will love the child which is our own!

I can be such a worrier. Yesterday Jerico and I were having our conversations again before going to sleep. I was telling him how worried I was as I wasn't eating enough. Yesterday I was able to just gulp down my small portion of pasta at the cafeteria at work, ate half an apple and when I got home I could only eat oatmeal. Jerico told me not to worry, and that the baby is anyway getting what it needs. Now I realise that God knows best. I should trust..He blessed us with this pregnancy and I'm sure He will provide.

I still can't believe it……….we have created life…..with his blessing! Jerico put the baby's ultrasound picture as our desktop background. He is surely is a proud Daddy. He never leaves the house or comes home without giving the baby a big kiss. He is always talking to the baby, as well and singing…(still hoping the baby doesnt get his voice..haha). I'm guessing we are already too loud for our baby..haha….I'm sure he/she would rather sleep. When I'm on my own at home or on my way to work, I always speak to our baby…and I'm more than sure he/she can hear me 🙂

We are excited…every day we pray that all will go smoothly with the pregnancy and that the baby is doing fine!

God bless you baby Precilla. Your Mummy and Daddy love you…You truly will be blessed and loved by us and the people around you! We love you and can't wait till you take your first breath into this world…..and till we see you!