I am the husband to the most wonderful woman alive (as most guys think they are, but the are lying) who is my best friend, my biggest supporter, my hardest critic at times, and my complete support system. My wife, who had got pregnant at 16 years old, has a beautiful daughter named Emily.  She was three when we got married and although she does not call me by 'Dad', I have been more than honored to be that to her.  Emily will soon start kindergarten.  She also correctly believes that she is a princess and has the same obsession with shoes as her mother.

I believe that I have been blessed beyond reason. I have traveled through many countries, seen many people and witnessed many beautiful things that makes me wonder why anyone would not believe that God is behind everything. I grew up as the middle of three boys and, to my surprise, and now the only male in my family (even the fish is a girl!). I enjoy spoiling my wife and Emily whenever possible, it brings me great pleasure. I work hard to support them and give them what they want. I also fully intend to buy my wife her red BMW convertible she wants as soon as possible because she has done so much to deserve it.

I believe that every child should have the opportunity to be given the life that I have been blessed with. I want my children to have the opportunity to try things they think are neat and interesting and decide for themselves if they want to keep doing it. I believe that everyone truly is a winner if they had fun doing it. I want to raise my girls expect only the best from boys/men and, God willing, I wish to have a boy who I can raise to teach how to live a upstanding life and find happiness in a family like my dad did to me.

Being a 'Dad' is completely different than I thought it would be. All of the sudden, I find my eyes 'leak' every time I hear songs like 'Stealing Cinderella' by Chuck Wicks and I start to get ideas when I hear songs like 'Cleaning This Gun' by Rodney Atkins. I am never sure of what tomorrow will bring, but I am sure that is will all be worth it…especially when I hear things from Emily like 'this girl in my class was coughing and not feeling good…she must have the flute.'

I try to be a fairly relaxed person and try not to take things too seriously. I try not to focus on bad things, but try to focus on how to make things better. I enjoy just sitting on the couch with my wife and watching TV and watching Emily dance with her 'king' and get ready for the ball. To my wife's dismay, I have no problem kicking the laundry in the floor to relax!

I love my life and could not ask for more than what God has given to me.