I‘ve got this black glass heart.
I’ve taped it so many times…
Over and over,
But the pain keeps on
Puncturing it…
Again and Again.

I shouldn’t’ve trusted you from
The very beginning, the start.
So now, here I am, broken hearted.
And flowing out these stupid rhymes.

All I wanted was

a friend;
You gave me way to much more.
I loved you until the end…
But now I must settle the score.
Some how I will and nothing more.

I’ve got Heart Shaped scars
Traced by my trusty razor.
I’m leaving the skin you kissed
Imperfect and marred.
My smile, it looks so real.
God, I’m the perfect impersonator.
I’m impersenating a happy person;
But My heart is shattered.
I’ve got Love driven into my wrist.
But the love we had wasn’t true.

So here I am…Sitting alone…
Tears falling, mixing with eyeliner
To make a slight gray flood.
And here I am…
With scarlet red blood
Falling off my Alabaster brown wrist.
And mixing with the blood of my
Broken Glass Heart.