I had an abortion not over a week ago. That was the biggest regret of my life. I had my heart set on keeping my baby. Just to hold my baby and play with my baby and most important, to love my baby. Thats all i had asked for. When i found out i was pregnant, it was a shock to me. But i knew what i wanted to do – keep it. My boyfriend didnt agree with this, he wanted to keep i tbut he said it wernt the best choice to make. it would ruin our lives, and we couldnt be together. It was a choice of my baby or my boyfriend. I love both of them. I regret having an abortion. When i was little i would always dream of having my own baby. Someone that would look at me and say "thats my mummy" someone i could love. I didnt know it would affect me this much. I absolutely hate what i did. I was 8 weeks pregnant when i had an abortion. I know the due date of my baby aswell. I dont know how im gonna get through this. Its like nobody understands. They say they do, but if they havent been through an abortion then they wouldnt. I get bad dreams when i go sleep, even looking at my teddies hurt me. My boyfriend bought me a teddy on the day of the abortion, on the teddys paws it says "baby girl" looking at the teddy reminds me of my abortion and my baby. I wish i could turn back time. I shouldnt have listened to anybody because now im suffering for what others wanted me to do. I want my baby back.