So I found out i was pregnant about for weeks ago. Me and my boyfriend were both pretty much in shock. Neither one of us ever thought that this would happen to us. We finally told our parents and thet are coping pretty well. I am turning 17 in may and a baby bump is not what i wanted. I just moved to a new school this year and was really trying to fit in well. I went to the doctor today because i am ten weeks and have already gained 24 pounds. My ultra sound came out onto the screen with much more then exspected. twins. i am still in shock from the news today but i am coming to. i didnt not exspect this to happen to me and nor did i wish it. we have decited to keep the babie and rise the with any help we can et. if and body has been through something like this and wouldnt mind giving me some advise i will take all i can get.