Baby and mum

Being a young mum is one of the hardest jobs in the world, especial if you’re a single mum. Like the newspapers say were babies having more babies. Which is kinda true in away? We aren’t financially secure, which is a big thing and we all have to drop out of school at some point to look after our children.

But being a mum comes as a blessing, and a lot of teens are happy to be a mum even if it’s unplanned. As long as you’re happy and you know, you have made the right decision. Then I don’t see what the problem is.

Family and other people judge and predict what are futures will be like. But they don’t think that it will only be like that if they keep saying it over and put it in our minds. But if we are supported like were supposed to be, I know for a fact young mums can make it into the world.

If we push ourselves to do well for our children and prove to ourselves we can make it in the world. And we can do a good job like any other adult in the world who has a child and is a single mum. Then there isn’t a big difference really apart from the ages.

Every young mum has a role model.

But I found every young mum’s role model is there mum. We disappoint our parents when we have unplanned pregnancies and they know what it’s like and that’s what our parents try to protect us from. But parents have to just learn to deal with it and be supporting and just trust our decisions and not judge us as we all ready receive it from other people.

To be continued…