when i frst found out i was pregannat i was amazed shocked considering i was only 16 =S. my heart dropped when the first thing my mum said was get an abortion i was devisted….. having emotional thoughts of what i was going to do was just crazy i constantl;y though of having an abortion but i just couldn’t do i….. i told my partner who i was  with at the time her dad… he wallked out of my life and said you kno what you have gotta do =S so when i was pregannat i ahd no support i got kicked out of home at 12 weeks into the pregnancy so.. i was by my self with onli with some  friends beside me…… my life changed completly ….. and when i was due and had baby isabella   my mum….and the rest of my friendsthe rest of my family who abandede me when i was pregannat came back to me when she was b0orn and realised that i saved a life i had my baby its not my babys fault i fell preganat shes insenct i said it was my faultm my mistake but shes not a mistake and if she wwere to be called that she was a damn good one……. i would never have given isabella up she is my world and i wouldn’t change that at all. just don’t let somethign go if your going to regrat letting your little one go… because i thought about it and there was no way i could get ridof the little person growing inside of me … =) and now i get to hold my little baby girl everyday and ….. shes just always going to be the best thing that has ever happened to me xx