I first became pregnant when I was only 17 years old and I had a perfect pregnancy and labor very beautiful. My mom was a little mad but expected it because I was wit my boyfriend( My Husband Now) for so long she had figured out we were having sex. At first it was planned and then we had tried so hard and then we stop planning and it happened unexpected. I loved being pregnant for the first time it was amazing. 6 months After my daughter Jazmine(3 years old now) was born I promised myself to never become pregnant again being a mom was soo hard I kid you not. I did not expect my whole life to change, to loose my friends, I didn't know all of this would happen to me. Never again I told myself lol.


19 years old now and I was on the birth control shot, who knew birth control didn't always work, not me thats 4 sure. I had a job interview and was feeling really weak that day but I have'nt eatin anything yet that day. I went to go meet my husband/baby father at his job. As soon as I got in front of his jobs building I begin to feel really weak and slowy started to fall to the ground. Any way I ended up in the hospital they said I had blacked out lol, then the doctor asked my husband to leave the room as she explain to me whats wrong with me( I was so scared that I had AIDs or something) My husband left and she said well do u know why u blacked out I said yes because I didn't eat today, she said yes that and because your pregnant congrats. I said no I can't be I didn't even miss my period yet n she said well maybe you'll believe me when u start to see your tummy grow and laughed, But I couldn't even crack a smile if I wanted to cuz I was so pissed off. I told my husband and he never tells me to get an abortion becuz he knows I dont believe in killing my own flesh and blood. But he didn't have to cuz I was thinking it already. I made about abortion appointment and never showed up to none, I couldn't do it. I told my mom I was pregnant again and she begged me to keep the baby, and everybody was actually ok with me having another baby except me. The pregnancy was so bad the worst I hated being pregnant for the second time, I wanted it to be over so bad, I was depressed every single day.

LABOR- The labor was soo bad I start bleeding early in the morning I was 9 months and I thought I was having a miss carriage, the blood wouldn't stop. They said I lost so much blood I had to get someone elses blood back in my body after i deliver the baby. Then after the baby they left the placenta in me after I was already stiched up. I didn't know they left that mess in me but I knew I didn't feel well I didn't even want to see my baby, I was hurting to much. I got so sick and I was in so much pain when they came to check up on me they had seen how big my stomach still was and open my legs and begin to try to pool pieces of placenta out of me I was scream so loud and kicking and scared to death.

My daughters are now Jazzy 3 years old and Jayla 6 months old and really bad but good girls when they wanna be. I still can't believe I have two kids wow. and people don't even think I have one.

If any one would like to talk all needs advice just write at my e-mail krisstaypretty@aol.com or on my myspace page songstresskris/myspace