In june i found out i was pregnant, i remember it clearly. I went upstairs to do the test, ran downstairs and jumped on my boyfriends lap waiting for him to tell me what the test said. We had been together for 11 months. He told that the test was positive, it didnt kick in. I knew i had to have an abortion, my mum has always said she would kick me out if i ever told her i was pregnant, i wouldnt be able to stay with my boyfriend because his mum wouldnt let us see eachother if i ever did get pregnant. I didnt want to raise a child with no were to live and no money. The next day we went to doctors, i told her i took a test and it said positive. Sha asked

'Is that good news or bad news'    i just stared at her blankly, i didnt know what to say. i really wanted this baby but not this way. My boyfriend whispered to her 'bad.' Then he went silent again.