So, I’ve been put on bed rest due to I started to have pains yesterday. It’s been the most unbearable 24 hours so far. I have been so bored. And when James isn’t at work he’s waiting on me hand and foot. And he’s made sure that the dog is right with me the whole day. It’s terrible. He’s so over-protective. But at the same time I love it. It shows how much he’s actually in this.  I’ve been surfing the net alot and if im not on here then im sleeping or eating or reading or doing cross-words. I took a soothing bath with candles. That was nice. It released all my tension. I loved it. When James got home he gave me a massage and a foot rub since I secretly cleaned the house….and he noticed(he scolded me).  I dunno if I’ll be able to deal withthis the rest of my pregnancy. I hope he lets me off it soon. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!