Hi Becky, I live in Nigeria and am 24 yrs old, my story is very long, so I will summarize it, ok? I just discovered that am 5 weeks pregnant and there is a lot of problems now because I don’t even know the particular guy that owns the baby, I have two guys I am dating, my parents are very strong Christians and can’t tolerate me bringing in pregnancy, and I have just told the first guy which I believe I loved so much and he is asking me to go for abortion. What do I do now now?????

Dear Friend, Have you told your parents yet? Have you seen a doctor and confirmed your pregnancy? Abortion may seem like a quick fix, like sweeping dirt under a rug, when you lift the rug, the dirt is still there….Having an abortion is not like restarting your computer and going back to the original setting, your body will forever have been pregnant and there are physical consequences that often follow abortion…A real man will take responsibility and not offer a coward suggestion……….

I know if you stick through this that together we can find resources in your area, I am unfamiliar with Nigeria but I do know that when there is a will there is a way, Your parents were able to bring you life and care for you, your boyfriends parents were able to bring him life and care for him so it is possible that you can find a way to bring this child life and care for him/her, If you live in a depressed area with few resources adoption is always a good route to take, it allows you to carry your child to term and allow them to live, you will avoid the abortion associated medical risks and have peace of mind that you made the best of your situation, here is a website where you can look into options, https://www.bethany.org/, here is another website that talks more about adoption…. https://loveschoice.com/  ,Look, you are 24, you are a grown woman, you are more than capable of being a loving mother, you just have to find the will to do this! I was pregnant before I got married, it was hard but I did it…You can too! I hope to hear back from you and that you will let me be your friend through this time!

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Becky, thanks so much for your words, though I have not told my parents, which I know would be a scene and a very bad one for me, but there is no option than to let them know, I have been to the hospital and they confirmed me being pregnant, you know what, yesterday my guy came looking for me and reassured me that he is not ready for any pregnancy now, he gave me 50,000 Naira (about 400 dollars) for the abortion, I collected the money, but I have made up my mind to bring my baby to life and care for him/she. Thanks so much for your encouragements, you make me stronger. I wish you knew Nigeria, there are so many young girls out here facing similar issues like, oh I wish I could set a foundation to tackle and advise/encourage them like you are doing to me.

Becky Dear, I will have my baby come what may. Waiting to hear more from you. God bless you. I have also visited the website you gave me, the are wonderful.

Hi again, I am so happy and proud of you! If you take your will power, give your child life and set a new example of doing the right thing I assure you, you CAN and WILL reach the other women in Nigeria, You are the key, You are the ticket! With your parents being Christians they should be forgiving, they should see the sanctity of your child, they should value his/her life, sure they may be disappointed and even angry but give them time! You just do what is right in the here and now and leave the rest in Gods hands! If Mary would have had an abortion we would not have a Savior! Who knows who your child will grow up to be, now you will get to find out and you will NEVER regret this life coming to be! I am here for you and I will continue to be here, to be a friend, a listening ear, I can offer suggestions or just listen to how your day was but I am here! Congratulations Mommy, You will do a wonderful job and just remember that God has entrusted this child to your care for a reason!

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