well i became pregnant at 15 and i was so scared i cant even explain it. i didn’t tell my parents my sister did. they said”well we can’t do anything bout it now your pregnant and abortion is out of the question.” all my lifeĀ  i have been against abortion and at that time i thought maybe i should but when it came down to deciding i chose to have her. her dad cheated on me on our two year anniversary so we were over. then i found out she was a girl! i wanted the middle name to be Ann so i tried to find the name to go with it, her dad(Sam) wanted Patrica Ann but i couldn’t do it i don’t really like them together so i looked in a baby name book and found Natalie and i fell in love with it and so did he. I was induced July 13, 2008 and i had to go into an emergency C-section, they put me to sleep. I woke up and went to my room and found my beautiful 9lbs. 2 oz baby girl Natalie Ann. I love her so much. She as colic and a handful but i was able deal with it. She is turning 2 years old next month and im beyond excited. recently i was doing a paper on teen pregnancy and found so many negative statistics and i have been trying to find websites that helped teen parents and i was about to give up and make my own and i found this one. its really great to see people helping each other. soon i will be out of high school (August 4th) and going to college to be a paralegal. my daughter has helped me grow up to be a mature person. its really great.