Well, my best friend had an abortioin nearly two weeks ago and I didn't make too much of an effort to stop it … Yes, I told her that it wasn't her only option and that she'd  have support from me and our other friends.. But I never told her about the ugly stuff, the sleepless nights, the nightmares, the longing for another baby…. I said I'd support her even if she went through with her decision to terminate. And, I did support her, even told her to take along earphones to shut out the sound of the machines…. did I enable her? Did I help her along, even though I knew what kind of hell she would go through afterwards?

I don't blame myself….. but I could  have made her think twice. I coukd have changed her mind and saved an innocent life.

Now, she's struggling to sleep…. thinking constantly and regretting it… I could have warned her and I didn't.

What kind of friend am I? Here, I type to strangers, trying to save them from the pain ….. nd I couldn't help her

-Evangeline xoxox