So,  I feel reletivily ok. Which is strange due to the fact I lost my baby and it was terrifying and I dont remember most of it. I’m back to work. Working only three shifts a week at a local restaurant. The hours are decent. The tips are great! I usually work during the day(the lunch shift) that way I can spend time with my fiance. And I get the workers. Who tip great just because of my body. Yes, I did say my body. I’ve been working out non-stop. Every single morning I go for a nice long run with my fiance. (sometimes stopping so he can take a breather) Releasing all my pent up anger/energy/frustration out on that run. I’m almost fully back to my old body. the body i had before I got pregnant. All I have that is different is a bit bigger breasts. but i cant change those.  But, its strange…everyone acts as if im a ticking time bomb. As if im going to burst at any moment. That i’ll start bawling my eyes out or that i’ll snap on someone. they are always there as if ‘ok be ready just in case something happens and she finally breaks’.   I dont think they understand that I’m fine. And I’m not going to snap. Or start bawling my eyes out randomly. Why are they like this? How long will it last?
When will my life go back to normal-so i can plan my wedding?