So were trying again…we decided we can't wait…well i say trying but those of you who i've started speaking too will know we don't really get to ''try'' very often at all so I know when it happens it was suposed to happen because for now me getting pregnant will be an off-chace sorta thing…Oh and good news…well…kinda…My cousin's pregnant! yeah…We were talking yesterday and she sems to be better coming around to the idea. So I'm happy for her. Whats strange is I had a dream ages ago that she came over here to have a baby and she had a girl and I was pregnant with a boy…so fingers crossed…I get a boy…I know she probably wants a girl. Plus whats cool is that in the dream it was summer and her baby's due in july1! how amazing is that!? but yah so happy news all around really and we'll just have to wait a couple weeks to see if we've ben succesful…if not then maybe next time…wish me luck!