Im 17 yrs old and i just found out that im pregnant once "again".  Im not mad or disappointed or angry with myself but i am scared. I been pregnant twice before and both times i had an abortion. I know your probably thinking whats wrong with me but there was nothing i could really do. I first got pregnant when i was 15 and i didnt keep it because i was listening to my parents and how everybody said it was a bad idea to keep it. So i went along with it and got an abortion. I never been so hurt in my life. Then i got pregnant again about 4 to 5 months later and boy was i planning on keeping this one.  I told my parents when i was about 3 months and my dad kicked me out, i went to go live with my brother but he said that i could only stay there if i wasnt going 2 keep the baby. I didn't care about what they were sayin, i was still planning on keeping my baby anyway. Until i was 2 weeks before i turned 4 months my baby father told me that we couldnt afford a baby and that he didn't want to be selfish and let the baby suffer. So with me havin no money or no place to stay unless i got another abortion, i went along with it. Its now been a year and two months since i been pregnant and i just found out 3 days ago that im pregnant again. Yes by the same person! Im a senior in high school and im keeping my baby this time, nobody can change my mind what so ever. Im back at this again but the difference is now im focused and determined to keep my baby and be the best mother i can be.