my baby born on may 14 2009, almost a month ago. It was a really long day. i went for an appointment and have to stayed because my baby had to born already. I was scared, they didnt allow the babys father to be with me, so we were texting while i was with the drs, but then i went out just to gave him my things, it was 9 am (aprox). Now i wasnt even allow to keep my cell phone. We were really scared, and excited at the time. I stayed in a little room just looking around  and i didnt know when but i was sleeping, when i wake up i still in the same room,sometimes the nurse came and i saked her almost every 5 min "im sorry do you what time is it?" i was so desesperad i just waned to have my little girl… It wasnt until 5.40pm that i was almost going to sleep again!!! they got into the little room and i hear them but this time i didnt opne my eyes until i feel like the bed was moving, i opened my eyes and a nurse told me "we are going to surgery"

oh my god now i was really awake, i realice that my baby wont be in my belly anymore,that i wouldnt be able to take care of her it wont depend on me anymore, and i realice anything could hapend to her, i was really scared more than any time before in my life. I started criying, and i cry during the hole surgery, i could hear her crying, and the doctor put her beside me so i could gave her a kiss. She born at 6.01pm  And she went at surgery. But She couldnt have a primary close of her gastroschisis, so now she still at hospital, waiting to have another surgery. I still scared about she going to another surgery, she is a little happy angel, she always have a smille on her face. And i know she will make it, even when she is really little. My valentina is now 2.290 kg and 46 cms, and really brave as her name…..