dedicated to sophia avianna mona baby.



when i knew i have u

its hard for me to accept the truth

the truth that im having an angel soon

and the decision i made in order for u to bloom


im scared to be alone in giving u life

but i chose this just to make u mine

my heart sings of joy everytime

cause u know,ur always on my mind


i never dreamed of having u,

though u dream i gorgeous baby and it feels so true

u might came for an instant

no wonder why others want to separate us 

but i refused to cause ur important


others make think its a mistake

dont mind them cause ur mine and it can never be break

i love u,u know how much cause its too much


both of us were excited to see u

to touch u and to live with u..

thats how much we expect u to come out in this world

to see such a gorgeous baby that would be mine for the rest of my life


hoping of u to have

there it was a pain i a rush

thought it was not serious

lately i began to feel nervous


i cried when i felt something went out of me

i saw u,i held u in my palms just to be sure if its really u

baby,u got ur head

ur bending and ur dead..:'(


do u really want to let go?

cause it really hurts when u say so..

thought i’ll be facing my motherhood..

but u wont let me so there i stood


why baby ? why?

i dont want u to die..

u didnt even say goodbye..

if u want to,i will let u fly…

baby goodbye..


i will be missing u…

ilove u so much…