Im 18 and I found out that I was pregnant months ago. Me and my fiance had been trying to get pregnant and when it happened we were thrilled, but now things have changed. Im 5 months pregnant and we cant seem to get along. He tells me Im mad at him 24/7 and thats so not true. When we have problems he doesnt talk to me about it, he goes to his older sister. I read in his phone a few text messages that he sent her about our fights and they upset me. I dont want things to be this way because Im afraid we will fight when we have our baby and I dont want the baby to sense that tension. I love him with all my heart but Im worried that we arent going to last. I grew up for a few years without a dad and I dont want my baby to not have a dad. What do I do? Things seem to be getting worse. We say things that in the end hurt one or both of us..