Yeah you guys im back, and i have major news that i know all of my friends out here want to know. well i held my breath and i told my boyfriend. . . . . To all those who have been chatting with me, you know that statement itself deserves a pause, now lets take a moment of silence. . . . . . . . Now back to the story, ok i told him and we had another argument, he wanted to know how long i been waiting to tell him and i told him,then he asked me where i was moving to after i graduate this month. And if i havent told you all, im moving to HAWAII! ! ! Yes thats right Hawaii to attend a 4 year college. And hes moving to Florida, like i care. ((((((((I SORRY YOU GUYS I KINDA BITTER RIGHT NOW)))))))))But anyway the reason why we had another argument was because he dosent want to be a real man and talk about the issue of the matter, so i told him dont worry about it ill just garnish his check (((LMAO<LOL))) WAS THAT FUNNY OR WHAT??? What even more funny is that i was serious. Do you think i was WRONG? I mean if he dosent want to be a man on his own and be there for his child thats ok i dont have a problem with being mommie and daddy i just want his finanical support. . . you know what i mean. . . What do you think, COMMENT.