I'm Megan and i am 17 years old. All summer i was telling my mom i wanted a baby. Who knew it would come true? My soulmate, Travis Gibson, lives in Florida while i reside in Maryland.  We have maintained and kept a long distance relationship for a year now, but we've liked each other for almost 5. While i went to see him a second time this summer, we had sex. It wasn't just sex, we made love. It was extremely intimate and the most beautiful thing i've ever been a part of. When i got home from Florida, i got my period the next week. It only lasted 3 days, but i didn't think about it much. It's month 2 now, and i didn't get my period going on week 2. I told my mom i haven't gotten it, and she bugged out. She knew i had sex with him but she then began to remind me that just because i got my period, doesn't mean I'm not pregnant. I told her there's no way i could be pregnant. She asked me when i got my period and how long it was. When i told her, she bugged even more. I continued to lie to myself and assure myself i wasn't pregnant. When i got home i began to think about it. Then my phone rang. My boyfriend called so i told him what was on my mind. He too told me it was impossible, however, he then began thinking himself. I'm not sure if i am pregnant, but i know if i am, this website will be a lot of help to me. I also am sure i will keep it and raise it. My boyfriend wants that too. He said he would move in with me worst case scenario and take car of me and our child. Part of me is so scared and worried, but another part of me is so excited and happy. Today my life changed, pregnant or not. I realized that i love my boyfriend more then anything, that my mom will help me get through anything that comes my way, and that I'm comfortable with the idea of having my own child.