So, I’m 3 weeks and 4 days pregnant (maybe), Bailey’s at camp and I’m making it through, sorta. I’m still trying to decide if I am pregnant, because this morning I had soccer training and we ran about 30 lengths of a football field, take or give a few if you will, and I was winded but I wasn’t in the shape where I couldn’t do it anymore. Can a girl while she’s pregnant exercise intensely? Because I have soccer basically everyday, give or take a few days and I’m not in any pain or anything, well pregnancy wise, but still keep in mind I’m not officially sure if I am or not.

And as of baby names, me and Bailey have talked about it and if its a boy we’re naming him: Bentley Wes and if it’s a girl: Nevaeh Ivory 🙂 But we aren’t sure if we’re keeping the baby, even tho it would be a very wise and mature decision to look into adoption. But, if I enrolled into a maternity high school or whatever they are called, we might be able to raise the baby ourselves. But then again, we’re only 14 year olds and not parent material. 

I still haven’t told my parents, I want to wait awhile and see if I actually am because I don’t want to tell them now and then later have it be a false alarm.

I’ll write another blog later 🙂 tell me what you think about the names, or anything else you think would be a bright idea 🙂