are you with me baby?

it feels like you are 🙂

it makes me feel safe. it makes me feel happy

i want to make you proud baby,

i want you to be proud of your mummy

like i would be proud of you!

i still get upset, but try to think that you wouldnt like to see me cry.

i still think of you every second of everyday,

but i think of the good things,

like when i found out you were in my belly.

your in a better place now baby, where God can look after you.

dont forget me baby, i will never forget you.

you will always be my first baby, mine and daddys first child!

i will always be your mummy,

and one day- maybe not soon but i will be with you!

daddy will be with you!

and we can be a family again!!


I love you, forever!! (L)