this is my storyy

i just had a baby girl on january 6th

8pounds 16ounces 21inches long


i have an amazing baby girl i couldnt ask for anything better.. when i found out i was pregnant i didnt know what to do.. i wasnt with the my boyfriend at the time we had broke up in April of last year.. and i found out i was pregnant in the end of junemy friend made me take a test but i idnt want to.. it took no time to tell the results..the next day i went to another friends house and we went out to dinner to take my mind off things.. well that just made matters worse… i ended up seeing his parents who i havent talked to in 3 months..same with my ex at the time.. well my friends said that was a sign and needed to tell him.. so we called and he came right over.. we talked and decided to keep her.. well the parents took it the other way.. we fought about it i got ignored but in the end it was the best thing even thoughme and her father fight all the time we stay together for her.. i couldnt even imagine not having her.. and anyone who thinks they have to because of their parents your wrong.. all you have to do is tell the person thats about to performe it and they by law cant performe it.. i made sure becasue i wanted to fight for her till the bitter end… i believe that if your going to have sex without anything then you need to take up responsibility!