I close my eyes and drift away, and find you waaiting there for me.  Your deep blue eyes, your warm gentle hands, your sweet soft smile.  I’ve longed for you  for what seems like an eternity.  And now here you are.  calling out for me.
Begging me to come to you, because you can’t do without.  You can’t breathe, you can’t live without me by your side.  I’m the one your heart loves… a fact that you can no longer try to hide.
my skin embraces your fingers as you lightly brush them across my cheek.  My lips melt into yours as you pull me closer still.  It feels like the very first time we touched.. So lost in this moment, you ask me if i love you.  I say i always will.
I feel the warmth of your love consume my frostbitten heart.  Our time is finally here, like i’ve prayed for, we’ll have a new start.
then suddenly the sun fades, your hands drop, the warmth chills, your kiss stops.  And you vanish from me.  As i open my teary eyes, i realize that I have just experienced a horrible tragedy.  Reality sets in.  Leaving no hint of sunshine.  Not even a gleam.  Every bit of this beautiful moment with you, my sweetheart, was nothing more than my broken heart’s wishful dream.