So Odin is due October 19th now, not the 28th! Ten days earlier, hoo-lee-fuck.
That's ok, I'm as ready as I'm going to be, getting really tired of waiting, I'm so tired and humongous it's ridonculous.
We had the baby shower on the 26th and that was so much fun, there was more than 20 people there! So many presents and good food! Everyone loved the games too which I spent the whole day being bitchy about because "I just knew everyone would hate them" I bought Odin a carseat today cost me a whole damn 60 bucks…Hahaha, Just kidding! It's really nice (like you care) and it's made in 2006 so it's all good. Stupid carseats expiring all the time.

My mom got him this beautiful hand carved wooden crib that can swing or just stay still (if you put the knob in!). I'm so very, very ready. I find it funny how people look down on me because of my age, almost like they don't think I can be a Mother because of how old I am. What I find funnier is that the people who doubt me are the peope whom I've never met, some who've I've never even seen in real life. I find it cowardly to attack someone because of their age or race.
Woman (and if you don't consider me a woman, Girls) have maternal instinct, it is there no matter what age. We are born with it, after all, we are just animals. And hey, I may be young but you won't see me drowning my babies, or killing them like some of those sicks fucks out there.
Most of which have been older woman. All in all, I love my unborn child and I will love him forever, I will nurture him, support him and care for him. I will provide for him and there is nothing anyone can do about it, no matter how ignorant you choose to be, condemning me to hell for my age.

I do strongly advise against sex out of wedlock, honestly, unless you are planning on marrying the man and he is planning on marrying you, make sure you have a stable relationship and a stable enviroment. Don't have sex just because it feels good or for whatever reason, sex is such a personal, beautiful thing. Make it count, make it with a person you love.
I made the decision not to and thankfully (and I mean thankfully!!!!) I ended up pregnant with a man who does love and respect me and our child and does want to marry me. I am lucky though, a lot of girls are not.
Just be safe and smart and it will all be ok. After all that though I do not regret my son, not in the least. Nor will I ever regret him, for he is a part of me and such a beautiful thing. He is my child and I am his Mother.
There is no place for regret or resentment, only love and acceptance.