Soo, another day of being a pregnant fifteen year old.

Today in my first period class ( in which no one knows of my secret) some popular boy in my class, stands up and asks me if I'm pregnant?! I reply, ahh. why would you say that? He replies back all short, Well take a look, I mean with all do respect, you ARE gaining weight. I couldn't help but cry, I feel so unsafe in this school ! I'm overly emotional as it is, but that crossed the line.

The super gorgeous girls in the class of course stereotype, that the pregnant teenagers these days, have horrible issues and are usually along the line of being a slut. SOO the whispers began, making me nervous and completely stressed out, I cracked once again. I then stood up in my first period english class and yelled, " Actually I'm in love with the guy I'm with, I'm proud to be a future mother, I AM a beautiful person and I WILL stand up for all the teen moms who each and every one of you scare and frighten, I HAVE my sister support, and I WIILL NOT take this from my own peers" And then, i broke down.

It's hard when we struggled to have friends as it is,  when you were the ugly one, the loser and then now in an even harder part, you find yourself struck with more from there ends.

I'm ready to take this one, but I'm emotioanlly breaking down, I'm alone..