By Joan Estelle High

I walk all alone on the ocean shore,
I watch the waves flow out to sea.
I've never been so alone and poor,
Since they have taken you from me.
My heart beat seems in harmony.
Within the ocean's ebb and flow.
I have tried to release all the pain.
But it just won't seem to let go.
I can hear the ocean calling me.
It is like a temptress in the night.
I yearn to have the sea bury me,
Long to die in the cold moon light.
Suddenly an angel appears to me,
Coming from where I do not know
It came to calm and comfort me.
For it is not the time for me to go.
Many other adventures await me.
As I will return to the sandy shore.
For I know we'll meet in Eternity,
There my heart will grieve no more